Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Melting Pot V: Everything is happening!

It's been a year since my last post.... OOPS! I guess I've just been having a difficult time trying to take time to blog and balance everything that has been happening in my life. This post is just a brief update on my life. There are so many things taking place right now, so this post is functioning as a sort of 'life guidemap'; an indication of what has happened in the last year and what I think is next.

I'm set to graduate next Saturday (pending my ability to finish all of my assignments on time, a monumental task to be sure). I'll be receiving an M.A. in Philosophy and in Biblical Studies from Southern Evangelical Seminary. I have really enjoyed my studies here. I used to believe that studying in a formal setting was a waste of money, that I could learn just as well on my own as I could in a seminary setting. I was very, very wrong. One reason that a formal education is so much more valuable than self-study is that you are forced to present your ideas and argue (in the academic sense of the word) for your positions with other academics. One of the great benefits that the classroom has been for me is to expose my views to the criticisms of others, thereby forcing me to think more reflectively on particular issues. I presented a paper at the EPS Regional meeting in Atlanta last month, where I critique a certain individual's view of time and eternity and offer a Thomistic alternative. This was beneficial for me because I had to field questions relative to my paper, thus helping me to think about the topic more robustly. My seminary education is definitely something which I value highly.

Given that I'm graduating, the question now is 'what next'? I am tracking academically and would like to pursue a PhD in Philosophy, concentrating in Philosophy of Language. I'm planning on taking a year off to apply to different programs and see what options are available to me.

Another much-anticipated event in my life is the birth of my first son, who is set to arrive in mid-June. Preparing for his birth has been very difficult for us, as we have to deal with all kinds of immigration and health care questions. Additionally, my wife is hoping to give birth naturally after having a C-section for our first child (this is called VBAC). Over the next month or so we need to secure a doctor who is willing to do this, and start attending classes so that we can better anticipate what will happen. I also need to learn what my role will be in all of this, how I can be a help and not a hindrance to my wife.

This last year has been a good one; it has been trying at times but there has been so much to be thankful for. I'm looking forward to what is to come in the coming months.