Thursday, January 25, 2007

Seemingly Inconsequential

This is just a little tribute to my friends and family. The seemingly inconsequential things that we do every day are the really important things that we ought to cherish and not take for granted. Every smile, every motion of the hand, every loving word should be taken in and remembered. Thanks to those who make my life so special.


Ferka said...

So where am I in the video, huh? :) Hope you're doing well. I miss you, brother. I sent you an email....write me back frigger.
Love you!

Angie and Jason said...

I like the Super Mario-style music :) I know if you were in Iowa that a clip of me would have been included. Right?

billy gomez said...

very cool jeff, saw this a long time ago and thought i left a comment way back then but realized i didn't... really wish you posted more... b