Tuesday, January 22, 2008

May 31st, 2008

I'm getting married.....

. . . . . . to this girl
. . . ... ...... .. |
. . . . . .. ...... |
. . . . . .. ...... |
. . . . . .. ...... \/

(the one in the glasses)



JMJ said...

thanks for the clarification. For a moment, I thought you were engaged to the girl in the bandana.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, wow! GREAT news! I'm so very pleased for you. When, where, you know the drill!

Angie and Jason said...

When's the big day?

mrutterson said...

ha ha ha... did you read the title of the blog? ha ha

how bout you? when's the big day?

Amy H said...

Congrats! Married life is wonderful, especially when you both love the Lord and keep Him at the center of your marriage. Enjoy every moment!

beautiful feet said...

Con-grat-u-lations... Con-grat-u-lations.. (with the obnoxious tune and all! ^^)

I'm so happy for you, Jeff! Keep me posted with details- I would love to finally meet Eunji!

Angie and Jason said...

DUH - I still have blonde hair. OUR big day is August 8.

billy gomez said...

fantastic my friend. can't wait to be there and experience the moment with you. flattered to even be invited... i am invited right?

Fi said...

hey jeff,
you don't know me but i stumbled upon this blog while i was doing some south korea research. it's awesome! your posts are about life and faith are refreshingly honest. i'm also a christ-follower, and i'm looking into teaching english over there soon. wondering if you could recommend any schools? i love your blog, love the pics, especially of the coastal areas... did you teach on geojedo island or in busan? anything you would recommend? i would love to get into some sort of set-up near the sea. :0) if you check these comments, could you please email me: femcnb@mta.ca thanks a million... and oh, p.s. (as random as this comment is!) congrats on the engagement! :0)

Joseph said...

Haven't seen you in like 5 years, but congratulations!

Anonymous said...

hi honeybunny
i love your blog even though i havnet read it all.
you are my sweetest candy bar:)

알러뷰 ~~