Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Praise God / Upcoming Things

Well, to my one reader I'd like to say I'm sorry it's been so long since I've last posted. I've been terribly busy. I had my wedding ceremony on May 31, spent my honeymoon in a private resort in the Philippines, and have been getting used to married life.

I'd like to begin this post by saying praise the Lord for He is good. Last night a friend of Eunji's came to believe in Christ for his salvation at our weekly Bible study. His name is 병준(Byung-joon). I'm so thankful to God that He chose to use Eunji and I to be a part in this brother's salvation.

I've been thinking about so much in the last couple of months and having great conversations with people lately that I've decided that I'm going to write and publish a few posts concerning topics which I feel are important and necessary for me to address. In the next couple of weeks look for posts on the following topics: 1) the fallacies of the postmodern worldview and a discourse on it's being embraced in the vehicle of the Emerging Church; 2) clarifications of the doctrine of the Trinity; and 3) the idea of 'following our dreams'

I hope you enjoy reading these essays/ponderings. I plan to write/publish them within the next 3 weeks. For now I'll leave you with an article I wrote for a journal that we've begun to publish at my church here in Busan.

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Joshua said...

Praise God for our new brother.

Love the pics.